February 20, 2008

A phrase that has changed the world

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Make sacrifice of a portion of the happiness of a few to the greater happiness of the rest (Jeremy Bentham, 1789)

That phrase above has a huge impact in the world we live today. It is the one who caused Capitalism and the free-market system went berserk, forgeting those who are unfortunate to have the access to enjoy the same benefit with the fortunate one.

It is the one who caused disparities between the rich and the poor in every corner in the world today, as those who have the power believe that it is acceptable to destroy the forest for a profit from paper, to make fishermen suffer for barrels of oil, to make the poor stays the same in the sake of getting richer of the rich one.

This is Capitalism’s achilles heel.
Source from Baker’s book.
Picture from jeremybentham.com


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