March 24, 2008

The Awakening……

Posted in Just chattering... at 12:50 am by qballkubal

The hours in the dawn has passed, with pale sun light is now thrusting into my room, seems to ignore the shade that I put to block it. Downstairs the street is crowded with people walk to and fro, indicates the new activity in Monday morning after the weekend. The long weekend has ended, although it didn’t affect me that much since I still had to cramp my brain with thesis material and assignments. Barely passed the long suffering boredom yesterday, I give up mind and stop thinking for a while, afraid that it might hurt the morning that had tried to cheer me up.

News in the net are practically the same as ever, talking about fear of economic downturn, US election, US recession; summing up the neverending grievances in the world. Well, I still can enjoy my morning coffee, so I guess the world is still fine for now.

Lots of stuff and materials that I’ve read, but none has inspired me to write about something. This is probably the result of sticking into the same book for more than four months (damn you LOTR! When can I finish reading you?).

Digging new movies I got from my friend. Some are good, some are tedious, some are disturbing, some are confusing.

Got to end this dead circle of boredom somehow. Hmm, i have to think to travel somewhere else again.

Nevertheless, I think today would be a great day, as I am now writing my first post since two weeks ago. Thoughts, lots of them that have weighed on me, seem to flow bit by bit. It makes my nerve cells to empty their chemical compounds in which my thoughts are stored, leaving empty space to be filled up again ( but not this morning for sure.Give me a break will ya!?). Paris Match, John Mayer, and Joss Stone make the cells to jump and become excited. Nice!

Picture from in photos.


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