May 25, 2008

Worm attacked the Friendster

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Gw sebenernya udah pernah mengalami masalah ini beberapa minggu yang lalu. Cuman, berhubung bukan masalah yang cukup besar dan gak terlalu berpengaruh dengan account Friendster gw jadinya gak gw pikirin lebih lanjut. Sampe hari ini gw melihat account FS temen gw dan masalah itu muncul lagi. Jadi penasaran juga akhirnya.

Diantara anda pengguna FS, sebagian pasti dibuat pusing dengan keanehan FS yang seolah-olah menghilangkan halaman FS anda atau teman anda dan menggantinya dengan tulisan “Saviour of the Soul” lengkap dengan smiley yang (seharusnya) imut di pojok kanan bawah. Itu bukanlah gangguan atau error dari admin FS-nya, melainkan dari serangan worm yang nge-deface halaman FS tersebut. Untungnya, ini bukan serangan dari hacker yang pro, cuman nerd amatiran yang nampak pengen eksis.

Cara untuk mengatasi masalah ini juga gak rumit, cukup ikuti langkah berikut (from Yahoo!Answer):

Goto My Profile -> Edit Profile -> Customise -> Scroll down to Add Media.

Delete this script:

#x3c;script defer type=’text/javascript’ src=’…


At times the script may take different forms. Simply delete everything and you can always add in your bgmusics or whatever later.


1. Go to your “Media Box” (Edit profile -> Customize, near the bottom). Get rid of all the crap there.

2. Go back to “Home” (not your profile) and click “Post Shoutout”, and delete it.

Mudah kan? Kayanya worm ini memiliki feature self-infected dan beberapa ter-attached dengan feature tambahan dalam media box FS. So, hati- hati saat akan mengaktifkan feature ini dan pastikan gak ada script aneh yang ikut nyempil disitu.


May 24, 2008

Reading Lights Cafe and Bookstore

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Pas liburan di Bandung Juni 2007 yang lalu, gw sempet ngunjungin toko buku yang sekaligus merangkap cofee corner ini. Soal kostum dan penampilan sepertinya gak perlu ditanya, soalnya gw belom mandi dan masi pake t-shirt malem sebelumnya, hehehe. Secara baru nginep bareng Ibnu, Maya and cowonya, serta ama Puti di PPR Dago atas (It was a great night with them, by the way!)

Reading Lights and Cofee Corner yang ada di jalan Siliwangi 16 ini menurut gw lebih cozy dibandingkan ama Potluck, dengan interior yang lebih mirip ruang tamu dan ruang baca daripada toko buku. Disini lo bisa nyari novel bekas yang harganya udah pasti lebih murah daripada yang baru. Keunikan lain dari tempat ini adalah lo bisa menjual kembali novel yang lo beli. Pilihan novelnya memang gak banyak, tapi kalo lo beruntung lo bisa menemukan novel yang cukup tua and seru buat di baca. Gw malah nemuin novel tahun 1976 dengan hardcover yang berdebu and kertasnya udah berwarna coklat tua.

The coffee is also great! Gw suka ama caramel latte-nya yang disajikan dengan kue jahe.


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The room was empty and quite, save for the towering pillars and arches and high ceiling that made it looked vast and endless. No doors attached. I was there and tried not to look conspicuous, for I was the only person there save for two janitors and their mobs and buckets. The air seemed to lay still. The waned light of sun thrust gently amidst it. The surrounding objects seemed to respect the quiet and calm atmosphere, made this place of great holiness feel more attractive than usual. I was in the mosque. My campus mosque, to be exact.

I used to enter this place on Friday, when there is no excuse to avoid sitting in there and praying. It felt different when I was in there on Tuesday, though. It’s like God appeared himself on Tuesday rather than on Friday. Nonetheless, I was doing nothing except praying, save for reading the novel instead of the Holy Quran. It might be inappropriate, but I couldn’t help myself to use the chance to delve into my deepest mind. I was like inhaled all the words in the book, in the slowest possible pace, bit by bit of their meanings. I remained there for about two hours, almost being heedless about the late hour and the approaching night. People can be skeptical and cynical about my rather impolite behavior, although I believed that at that time I felt as if I’ve gathered little knowledge that I was looking for. A clarity.

The name of the book is After Dark, written by Haruki Murakami. Being one of the most influential Japanese writer in this age, Murakami is renowned for his surrealist style (literary). Never he hadn’t used metaphor to depict the story undergone by the character inside the book. Anyone who reads it will get stunned for sure. He is able to create fantasy inside the reality, reality inside the fantasy. These layers and depths of the story is always fascinating.

Still portraying about life and its complexity in Tokyo, the book tells us about the life of Mari Asai and Eri Asai, two sisters with distinct characters. Somehow, Eri had been sleeping for the past two months, a deep sleep. On the other hand, Mari had a trouble sleeping, forced her to spent the night outside her home. Tokyo in its after midnight appeared to be asymmetrically different. As if it has been made by two different creator, Tokyo in the after dark is filled with different people, different life, different stranger. On that night, something was happened in Eri’s sleep, something odd, something peculiar.

As I’ve mentioned before, there is a layer on the story, one linked through another. Between Takahashi and Mari; Shirakawa and the Chinese prostitute and the Chinese big man; between Mari and the Chinese prostitute and Kaoru; Kaoru and the Chinese big man; they were linked each other within the night. It is very interesting to note that Murakami can create a story where we, as the audience, somehow can involve indirectly in the story as if we can touch the character by our hands. You will get thrilled until the end of the story.

Mosque picture from travelblog.

May 18, 2008

Trojan attacked!

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The creators of virus and trojan have been hinting on the growth of movie streaming and video uploading site recently. They spot these sites as new places to prove that they have genius in making us miserable by having our computer infected. My notebook got infected two weeks ago, when I was streaming one video. Apparently, there was a notification window suggested that the video is best viewed with blabla codec.msc. There I was, so foolishly and heedlessly agreed to download the codec. It was peculiar though, for in a split second the codec has successfully downloaded. I believe that my mind was not on the right place at that time, because without any hesitation I double clicked the suspicious file. What happened next was really shocked me to death. My wallpaper changed suddenly into bright blue (not blue screen though) with quite big yellow head box stated:

Warning! your computer has been infected by virus/spyware!

Please install an antivirus!

Damn! I was in the middle of finishing my last paper for this semester and suddenly my notebook was lagged because of the trojan. Apparently, this new trojan was able to use more than 70 percent of my CPU and RAM in less than one minute after it has successfully penetrated my notebook. To tell you the truth, I was really panicked. I ran the newest AVG 8 (free version) for more than three hours and the trojan was still there. After spending some time searching for any information, I found out that this trojan was recognized as trojan zlob. AVG 8 (free) can detect and remove them but somehow some of the trojans (yup, more than one. I think they could also cloned themselves once they were inside the system) could not removed and stay hacking the system.

I almost gave up and threw away the notebook to the trash, when my friend suggested me to try Kaspersky 7. He said it works even better than AVG Pro 8. It turned out he was right! With less time required to perform complete system scan than AVG 8 (Free), Kaspersky 7 was able to identify all the trojan and swept them away.

Only one problem remained, since the trojan was also smart enough to disable my windows task manager (the ctrl-alt-del feature) I had to fix it manually. It was fortunate that I still remembered how to access the registry editor, for I had been troubled before by a virus with the similar ability. Here is the way to access registry editor and enable the windows task manager (for XP) again (from amahdy):

-Open the windows registry [Run, type “regedit” then press enter]

-Open “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\” (HKCU is HKEY_CURRENT_USER)

-If there isn’t a subkey called “System” then you don’t have any configured administrative operation on the system section … ok let’s open the “gpedit.msc” again and disable the “Remove Task Manger” option … after a refresh you’ll be able to see this subkey “System” and contains a DWORD value called “DisableTaskMgr” , and its value is set to “0” …

-Actually the value “DisableTaskMgr” should not exists if “Remove Task Manger” is set to “Not Configured” … or if it has a value so “0” means “Disabled” and “1” means “Enabled” .

Make sure you don’t touch anything that you are not familiar with, for some registry entries are related to the core activity of the Windows.

Phew! What a day, spending about more than eight hours to figure out and fix the trouble. However, in the end I had to uninstall Kaspersky 7 since it crashed with Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 2 (CALD 2). Apparently, it could not recognized the database in CALD 2 and thus, labeled it as a virus (every dictionary program under the SECURE-ROM database will experience the same problem with Kaspersky 7 as CALD 2 had).

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May 7, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

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It was all for the greater good

I’d like to start this post with the above well-known quote. I believe that every one of you have read or heard it somewhere. Either in some novels or perhaps movies. And this is what suddenly appeared in my mind after I’ve done watching “Gone Baby Gone” (2007). I was speechless, awed, and amazed at the same time. I mean, the complexity of the story, the morale issues against the idealism of rules and laws, the strong characters, all of them was mixed perfectly with almost no flaw. Somehow I felt like I was involved in that movie, had to help Patrick, had to convince him that it is okay to do something wrong for the greater good of that child. I somehow realized (again) that idealism sometimes will bring you nowhere, that it might do you harm rather than having a good expected result.

Imagine this situation: Would you help saving one kid’s life if you find out in the future that he turns out to be a serial killer? Would you help bring back a kidnapped child if only you’ve known that her mother will only ignore her and perhaps even worse, abuse her again? Would you or would you not, kill a child molester, in order to prevent him to kidnap and abduct another under age child? The last one might be an extreme example. Yet, sometimes we just don’t realize that our good deeds backfire us.

Perhaps we just have to follow Occam’s Razor theory, that everything in the world by its nature does not have to be as complex as what it seems. Just put aside unnecessary assumptions and make it simple: wrong doing is okay as long as it is for the greater good.

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

(entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity)

-Franciscan friar William of Ockham-

Unfortunately, it is always not as simple as it looks like. Our concept of morality always force us to see what we want to see, not the underlying problem. We want to see that saving someone’s life is more important than thinking the possibility of that person becoming a threat for our own life in the future. Ah……such a lofty sentiment.

How about you? Where do you put yourself in such situation?

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May 3, 2008

Christian Scott- Anthem

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Listening to this album can be considered as a new experience for me. Never had I listened to solo jazz performance of trumpet before. To think that it would be dull and tedious. But it turned out that I was wrong, completely and utterly wrong. I even enjoy listening to this album lately rather than any other jazz albums, especially those with sax. The ambiance was totally different from pop jazz and smooth jazz with sax. This might be not a surprising fact, consider that Chris Scott took the unusual type of jazz. The atmosphere he created with his trumpet overwhelmed me and brought me to a different realm of calm, soft, and warm-hearted world.

It opened with dope melody from “Litany against fear” in which can freeze your moment of truth, bring you down into the deepest fear of yours. But no need to get anxious, cause in the next songs such as Void; Anthem (antediluvian adaptation); Re:; The Uprising; and The 9, you will be taken care and brought into deep contemplation. Soon you’ll feel more relax and find your spirit again. “Like That” will implicitly advise you that no matter difficult life is, you just have to be calm and smile like that. Hehehe, at least this is what I got when I heard that song. However, don’t be surprised if you hear a rap rhymes in the last song, “Anthem (postdiluvial adaptation)”. Yet, I must say that he bravely and successfully has been able to mix those two distinct genres of music into one harmony.

You don’t have to buy special yoga or new age song to create a difference feeling in your room as well as to meditate. This album gives you more than that.