May 3, 2008

Christian Scott- Anthem

Posted in My Jukebox Review at 5:26 pm by qballkubal

Listening to this album can be considered as a new experience for me. Never had I listened to solo jazz performance of trumpet before. To think that it would be dull and tedious. But it turned out that I was wrong, completely and utterly wrong. I even enjoy listening to this album lately rather than any other jazz albums, especially those with sax. The ambiance was totally different from pop jazz and smooth jazz with sax. This might be not a surprising fact, consider that Chris Scott took the unusual type of jazz. The atmosphere he created with his trumpet overwhelmed me and brought me to a different realm of calm, soft, and warm-hearted world.

It opened with dope melody from “Litany against fear” in which can freeze your moment of truth, bring you down into the deepest fear of yours. But no need to get anxious, cause in the next songs such as Void; Anthem (antediluvian adaptation); Re:; The Uprising; and The 9, you will be taken care and brought into deep contemplation. Soon you’ll feel more relax and find your spirit again. “Like That” will implicitly advise you that no matter difficult life is, you just have to be calm and smile like that. Hehehe, at least this is what I got when I heard that song. However, don’t be surprised if you hear a rap rhymes in the last song, “Anthem (postdiluvial adaptation)”. Yet, I must say that he bravely and successfully has been able to mix those two distinct genres of music into one harmony.

You don’t have to buy special yoga or new age song to create a difference feeling in your room as well as to meditate. This album gives you more than that.


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