August 7, 2008

Finding the right people for the job

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Phew! It feels like months since my last post in here. This long absence makes me wonder: Of all the issues, news, ideas which might float all the time in this world, why am I still find it difficult to pick just one of them and write something out of it? Anyway, today I feel the urge to write again in this blog. Not because merely for the sake of keeping this blog updated. The mood has just come on to me. Perhaps, my recent work which involves in writing has induced me to write in the blog as well.

I am now working on a one year-project in human resource at my campus. The goal is to build a model for succession planning for academic manager selection in higher education institution. Although human resource is not my main interest, I realize that there are more than just hiring and interviewing people in the HRD. Now I know why a one year-training (in the so-called management trainee or business apprentice program) is a common practice in many companies. Recent research suggests that it takes around 12 months-sometimes it can be prolong in year term- for the employee to adapt and become productive. What’s more, to groom the employee for higher level position really needs a long time and there is the uncertainty of failure.

Why am I suddenly jabbering about this? Ever since I was in college, a lot of my friends and seniors complained about the long-term training in job. We used to hear from our seniors who had graduated and worked at the entry level about their long and painful road to become permanent employees. With our lack of experience and knowledge (plus the idealism of a college student) we easily took the account at the company of being so irresponsible and taking the candidates for granted. What we didn’t know at that time was the fact that finding the right people at the right number and at the right time can be so frustated for the HRD people. I remembered my friend’s opinion when we discussed about the difficulty of finding a decent job today:

We can’t blame the economy and its element as the main culprit in unemployment. From my point of view, I believe there are abundant jobs out there waiting to be filled in. I don’t know the number for sure, but I believe it can reduce the number of unemployment significantly, providing they all filled in. The problem is finding the right people to fill in the position. Out of one thousand candidates for one thousand positions, there is a chance that none of them will be fit in for the position either because of lack of competency or not enough experience. You see,it is not always the fault of the economy. Sometimes we have to take the responsibilty for not being prepared for ourselves to fill in the job with additional skills other than just academic skills.

Alongside with the issue above, retaining and grooming the right people once they are able to be found by the HRD people could be more pain in the ass. To ensure that they will become valuable assets for the organization is a very challenging and never ending jobs.


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