January 31, 2010

Between the good band and the great band

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For me, there are two types of band: the good one and the great one. The good band (you might call it music group or singer or whatever the available terms you have) has the ability to create an extraordinary music (even if they stay in the mainstream), has its own identity and characteristics in its works, and of course, it must possess the ability to drawn its audience to a novel experience when they listen to the music.

Alongside with the above facts, great band also possesses the similar traits as I’ve mentioned above. What differs them from common-ordinary- good band lies in the test at a live concert. As we all know, tech gizmos have helped musicians to create a better sound with a better quality than what they have done in the 60’s (although I must say, the vintage sound quality of any recordings from that era has its own sensation that I couldn’t get from today’s music albums). You can create almost any types of sound and manipulate (or perhaps re-engineered for a polite term) with all of them.

Yet, you could tell the difference between these two types of band when they perform in the live concert. However good and sophisticated the sound system is, the one who sings at mediocre level will just stay in their mediocrity. The astounding and superb voice that you hear in you iTunes would differ dramatically.I bet that those who rely themselves with such technology would get a cold feet when they have to perform live. On the other hand, we as the audiences would have a disappointing feeling and we might throw our burgers and sodas to them.

Another thing. When I was driving on my way home from work, one DJ from Hard Rock FM explained that great band has a different vision about their interest in music.What they do is based on their perception of music and songs as art rather than as objects of what they could earn from them. In other words, they don’t see musician just as another type of job. Moreover, unlike common-and-ordinary band, they create music and songs that can last longer in the market.

I think some of you would agree with me: We are tired of mass-produced and fabricated songs. What we want is the true music in which it could move our heart and create a difference in our own society. We need a band who could put their songs in our lifetime play-list.

Picture of Third Eye Blind (my all-time favorite band) from idolator.