December 9, 2008

The racing thoughts….

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This happens sometimes, although not quite often. It is the time when I feel like I am being thrown back into the same starting point, at the same circle in my life. If you think this is what they called a reborn soul, then you’re wrong. In this state somehow I feel numb, like I have done everything and don’t know what to do anymore.

It might sound simple, but I just can’t get it out of my mind. I become anxious, nervous, and feel like my mind is about to explode at any moment.  I guess being perfectionist and an obsessive compulsive could bring more harm rather than good.

What do I do to calm myself down? Listening to the jazz could be one of the remedy. Yet, I realize that I need a solitude place. An isolated place. Where all I can hear is nothing but myself.

Perhaps, that’s the reason why I like mountains rather than sea. And that’s the reason why I like mosque when it’s empty rather than filled with people in Friday. In that mosque, I feel like I can feel His presence, His existence, and His mighty being. The vast and empty space was like filled with Him. and when I can get through that moment, I feel somewhat relaxed. The burdens in my shoulder were like being pulled away. And I get my clarity in my mind again.

Phew, I guess what I need is a holiday where I can go hiking the mountain and find a small-isolated mosque inside it.

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May 24, 2008

Reading Lights Cafe and Bookstore

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Pas liburan di Bandung Juni 2007 yang lalu, gw sempet ngunjungin toko buku yang sekaligus merangkap cofee corner ini. Soal kostum dan penampilan sepertinya gak perlu ditanya, soalnya gw belom mandi dan masi pake t-shirt malem sebelumnya, hehehe. Secara baru nginep bareng Ibnu, Maya and cowonya, serta ama Puti di PPR Dago atas (It was a great night with them, by the way!)

Reading Lights and Cofee Corner yang ada di jalan Siliwangi 16 ini menurut gw lebih cozy dibandingkan ama Potluck, dengan interior yang lebih mirip ruang tamu dan ruang baca daripada toko buku. Disini lo bisa nyari novel bekas yang harganya udah pasti lebih murah daripada yang baru. Keunikan lain dari tempat ini adalah lo bisa menjual kembali novel yang lo beli. Pilihan novelnya memang gak banyak, tapi kalo lo beruntung lo bisa menemukan novel yang cukup tua and seru buat di baca. Gw malah nemuin novel tahun 1976 dengan hardcover yang berdebu and kertasnya udah berwarna coklat tua.

The coffee is also great! Gw suka ama caramel latte-nya yang disajikan dengan kue jahe.

April 8, 2008

I feel too clapped-out…

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I woke up with bleary eyes this morning. Gosh! I must be dog-tired from the events yesterday. Well, I guess forcing yourself to exercise in the gym right after standing for over four hours was not a good idea. But it was fun though. Such a joy that I had…..

At first, I was very reluctant to be participated in this kind of event. Not that I’m an anti-social or introvert (hehehe, I am actually, but that was back in junior high). It’s just that at the same time I was having a lot of assignments and thesis which the due are getting closer and closer. But hey! I have already promised my friends and I believe that I’ll feel more guilty if I disappoint them. And then there I was, well- clad in traditional javanese dress. Nonetheless, it turned that the international food festival was a huge success. And it seemed that my dress had attracted attention from the visitors. Some of them were very eager to take the picture with me. What’s more, apparently my lecturer was also in charged in the event and accompanied the vice chancellor.

Hahahaha! Taelah, kapan lagi gw bisa jadi model dadakan kaya gini? Cape, tapi puas dah!

Hmmmm….need to review new music I’ve been listening lately. Let’s see…..Chris Scott, Colbie Caillat, Pet Metheny Trio, New Gnarls Barkley album, and Bic Runga (this one is quite old, but worth to listen).

One by one then……

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March 24, 2008

The Awakening……

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The hours in the dawn has passed, with pale sun light is now thrusting into my room, seems to ignore the shade that I put to block it. Downstairs the street is crowded with people walk to and fro, indicates the new activity in Monday morning after the weekend. The long weekend has ended, although it didn’t affect me that much since I still had to cramp my brain with thesis material and assignments. Barely passed the long suffering boredom yesterday, I give up mind and stop thinking for a while, afraid that it might hurt the morning that had tried to cheer me up.

News in the net are practically the same as ever, talking about fear of economic downturn, US election, US recession; summing up the neverending grievances in the world. Well, I still can enjoy my morning coffee, so I guess the world is still fine for now.

Lots of stuff and materials that I’ve read, but none has inspired me to write about something. This is probably the result of sticking into the same book for more than four months (damn you LOTR! When can I finish reading you?).

Digging new movies I got from my friend. Some are good, some are tedious, some are disturbing, some are confusing.

Got to end this dead circle of boredom somehow. Hmm, i have to think to travel somewhere else again.

Nevertheless, I think today would be a great day, as I am now writing my first post since two weeks ago. Thoughts, lots of them that have weighed on me, seem to flow bit by bit. It makes my nerve cells to empty their chemical compounds in which my thoughts are stored, leaving empty space to be filled up again ( but not this morning for sure.Give me a break will ya!?). Paris Match, John Mayer, and Joss Stone make the cells to jump and become excited. Nice!

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